All the stuff not Rovers
Me and the D2 at Monument Rocks, Kansas
The Evil German Dude

The Evil German Dude

2003 Discovery SE

2003 Discovery SE, "Plain Jane"

1993 Range Rover LWB

1993 Range Rover LWB, "Alex"

A long, long, long time ago, I was one of the few and the proud

United States Marine Corps Reserve, 1982-1988

RovErica being RovErica


Diet Mountain Drew

Diet Mountain Drew

All the cars I've ever owned or driven

Before Rovers I drove a plethora of automobiles

Getting stuck is so much fun?

Getting stuck is fun, or so they say, getting out is sometimes an adventure

Range Rover ad on YouTube

A Range Rover ad on YouTube. Hey! That's my Rangie.

A Discovery ad on YouTube

An advert for Discovery on YouTube

Shooting sports

Sometimes you just have to fire a few rounds to relax

What is in your console?

What's in your console? Stuff I can't do without.