The BWB, reflected in the cap of an 18 wheeler on the Turnpike coming home from Tulsa

The Rover Thing

This was posted on several boards including Range Rover Owners and OKRovers. When we tell others, "It's a Rover thing, you wouldn't understand." this quote from Car and Driver Magazine describes the "Rover Thing" best.
"A Land Rover is at once a delightful runabout and a rolling torture chamber. It combines the best and worst features of a truck with the insouciance of an MG-TC. It is a car that every man feels compelled to buy at one time or another, but hardly anybody has a use for. It is best suited to off-the-road cross-country adventure. Conversely it is not specifically useful for shopping trips, or general family-household use, but that's what people do with it. This is one of several instances where perfectly reasonable people have seemed to take leave of their senses on first meeting the Land Rover. It is less of a car than a state of mind. Its owners are the most partisan group imaginable and its would-be owners are legion."
-- Car and Driver, September 1964.